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Our Purpose is Providing You With Fresh Delicious Certified Organic Produce.
Updated: Jan-1-2011......In Business Since 1990

KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce

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KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce

We may have what you want, or can grow it for you.
Summary of KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce:

135 varieties of FRUITS, NUTS, BERRIES
Many unusual small FRUITS & BERRIES
45 + Culinary, Medicinal, Native HERBS
Melons, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Tomatoes
MUCH, MUCH MORE. Visit listings above

KlineKrest Certified Organic Prodce
1067 Somer Road; Lyons, MI 48851
616.902.1587 or 989.855.2536

Open Mon-Fri at 9 AM Jun1 thru Nov 14 ?

Saturdays 9AM-1PM at the Ionia, MI CSA Farmers Market

Affiliations and Memberships:
Midwest Organic Services Assn. - Our organic certifier

       e-mail to KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce remove_this_first_Larry.E.Kline@gmail.com       

KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce

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KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce