DEC-JAN: Set traps for rabbits.
Explore Catalogs and finalize/place all orders for the new year.
Update Website, financial records (KlineKrest Quickbooks), Farm records.
File quarterly/annual MOSA reports and payments before the end of JAN.
FEB: Pay property taxes-ugh.
Start Eggplants, Peppers, Tomatillos, and Early Tomatoes FEB 1.
MARCH: Check fences, traps and trees periodically through the winter.
Check for and repair any rodent damage to trees.
File quarterly MOSA reports and payments before end of next month.
APRIL: Start indoor seedlings April 1st, except vines.
Plant all new trees and plants, except frost sensitive plants.
Plant cool weather crops.
Harvest Spring Leeks April 15-25.
MAY: Check dates of Strawberry blossoming-30 days later harvest starts.
Record dates throughout the year of any trees in blossom, for future references.
Start Melon and Squash seedlings May 1st.
Plant seeds and plants as weather permits.
Goumi in blossom on the 15th. Peas and beans up the 25th.
Dust underneath Strawberry plants and all trees and bushes with DE before flower buds first appear.
JUNE: Set traps for coons maurading into the strawberries.
Harvest Strawberries, Honeyberry, Saskatoon, and others when ready.
Elderberry in blossom the 25th.
Early Tomatoes will be ready this month, I hope.
Harvest Goumi June 20, 35 days after blossom.
File quarterly MOSA reports and payments before end of next month.
JULY: Pick Boysenberries July 15, 30 days after blossoms.
Pick Jostaberries and Gooseberries July 20th, 65 days after blossoms.
AUGUST: Pick Melons and Peaches starting the 10th.
Pick Aronia berries August 30, 90 days after blossoms.
SEP: Elderberries ripe the 10th, 75 days after blossoms.
Hazelnuts ready the 20th.
File quarterly MOSA reports and payments before end of next month.
OCT: Sweet potatoes ready the 5th. Dry beans the 15th.
Autumn Olive ready the 25th.
Apply manure and compost to trees, bushes and garden areas. Save some for spring garden plantings.
NOV: Harvest Quince the 5th.